Is There an Earthing-Pregnancy Connection?

Russell Whitten, D.C., forty, Santa Barbara, California, chiropractor: "I started grounding patients back in 2000, and I had some great feedback from many of them. A few told me, however, they didn't know if it was working or not. I began to realize they no longer had pain and had forgotten they had it before, unless I mentioned it. "My patients have frequently told me that their dreams become more vivid when they start to sleep grounded and, in some cases, almost psychedelic-like. "Perhaps the most amazing Earthing story I have witnessed involves my own wife, Joey. She had not been able to get pregnant during the eight years of her first marriage. Then, for the first six years of our relationship, she was still unable to conceive. From a medical standpoint, everything appeared normal, but it just never happened. In 2000, we started sleeping grounded, and within a month she became pregnant, for the first time, at the age of thirty-five. "In my opinion, there was nothing else but grounding that could explain it. I had been giving her chiropractic adjustments for a couple of years at that point so that wasn't what made the difference. "Within six months of meeting Clint Ober, I had grounded roughly fifty of my patients' beds. It was soon reported back to me that several of my patients who were in their forties had become pregnant after starting to sleep grounded. Each had had their children in their twenties and now years later were able to conceive again. It seemed like more than just a coincidence to me. I also heard that women's periods became less symptomatic and their hormonal systems seemed to normalize. There may be great potential here for the fertility industry. "Joey gave birth in April 2001 to a boy. He was born at home on our grounded bed. We named him Tiger because my wife had a vivid dream while pregnant that she had a tiger in her belly. We wanted to create a name that said something about him and his spirit. "Tiger has slept grounded from the start and has had excellent health. As a toddler he was considerably taller than most kids his age, while both my wife and I are of average size. He was speaking much earlier than expected. By eighteen months, he had a vocabulary of a couple of hundred words and was making short sentences. It could be that the Earthing had something to do with all that as well."

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