find wellness by connecting with universal grounding.

Connect with the natural energy of the earth through DEAYU GROUNDING THERAPY and get relief from many diseases through Bio Electron. Our three products are bedsheets, pillow covers and pain relief belts..

The Grounding Bedsheet is made of a soft and durable thick bedsheet that is highly conductive and comfortable. Our sheets neither rip nor tear and have a conductivity of 99.9%. It can be cleaned with mild soap and water without losing conductivity.

Size: Grounding Bedsheet: 28 Inch x 66 Inch, Grounding Pillow Cover: 28 Inch x 16 Inch and Belt Length 33 Inch


A vibrant globally recognized top league player in Grounding Therapy and allied business with a commitment to growth, innovation, quality and customer focus.


“DEAYU” means longevity in Japanese language, we have developed grounding therapy mat based on scientific research from USA,
our professional team to bring you awareness about grounding therapy and share life changing information committed to helping you take care of your own health without medication so that you can live a healthy life in the most natural and simple ways, just the way nature intended.
To be a leading international player by leveraging our core competence in grounding therapy and nutraceutical related businesses thereby enhancing value for our customers, promoters, employees and society.

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Our culture of growth starts with our people. We look for Teams whose are smart & creative. Once they’re part of our team, we support them by giving them opportunities to grow.

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